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Dominique ain’t got time for that. So sit wherever you want if you’re here to stay at #teastation #inktober 17. Still so behind. #moleskinemonday
Speed animation 195
I’ve been wanting to animate more effects lately.  Not as happy with the popping on this one, but i think that it’s because my spacing on it is off.  Guess i’ll have to make another attempt at this one another time.  this test took me about 35 minutes.  mostly straight ahead animation.
@lisaluscap I drew your kids 😉. #inktober 16
I’m really behind on #inktober so I’m trying to catch up. I’m inspired by my #family lately. Here is one of my little sisters. #inktober 15
Speed Animation 194
I was watching some effects animation for reference today and it inspired me to do something with wind effects.  worked on texturing the timing and had some fun with it.  might do some more in the next coming days.  This test took me about 45 minutes.
#derby girl. #inktober 14 #moleskinemonday  #whipit
Speed Animation 193
Had a little time to do some animation.  Sorry for not posting yesterday, but i needed to get a shot done at work that was high priority for me.  wish i had more time to animate for myself.  this test took me about 40 minutes.
Be on the lookout for the #homemadeoriental #mixtape dropping soon! #inktober 13
#inktober 12. Tired now. Goodnight.
Stupid thing I drew for trying to make up for yesterday…. Can’t win them all… #inktober 11. I’m posting another later.