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mydailycraziness said: i saw the shark animation and i thought it was really cool! it wasn't what i expected, but nothing beats an explosion :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been swamped with freelance and I’m now on vacation. I’m in New York for the next week and I don’t have any way to animate but I’m always prepared to draw. So I may just be posting drawings on here while I’m away from the desk. This drawing I did because I was inspired by some music that my friend wrote. His song “Space (Odd)yssey” should be out soon.
Homemade Oriental - Negative Thoughts


Negative Thoughts is one of the songs that we started way back. It’s a song about growing up and facing life’s tribulations and understanding that not everyone has a perfect life.

I’m not just an animator, I like to write music and rap as well.  Here is a song i did with my group Homemade Oriental.  This song is pretty personal to me as a little peak on how i grew up and to where i am now.  Hope you guys like it and more to come soon!

Speed Animation 185
Wanted to do more explosions and i’m sorry if you love sharks, but i thought that it would be fun.  this one took me a while, but it was my first time doing a water explosion.  no reference used and i wanted to play around with some spacing as well.  this test took me about 45 minutes.  
and if any of you want to know i use flash to animate.
Speed Animation 184
Felt like doing something cool and fun today and i went through so many iterations… i started with the explosion and we decided to have a football explode.  it was a lot of fun doing something like this and playing with spacing for effects.  maybe something more fun tomorrow too!  this test took me about 35 minutes.
Speed Animation 183
I was inspired by some intro of characters that i saw yesterday.  wasn’t as successful as i wanted to be but i learned quite a bit of what i need to do next time.  I started this yesterday and didn’t have enough time to finish so i finished it today.  This took me about 40 minutes.  
Speed Animation 182
It’s Football Season!!! An exciting time of the year!! This test was inspired by my dad asking me to do something football related, and this is the quickest thing that i could think of.  It took me about 45 minutes to complete.  I animated a different way this time, using a lot of symbols but I think that it turned out cool.  and since i’m a 49er fan and tonight is the first game of the season, LET”S GOOOO GREEN BAY!! BEAT THE SEAHAWKS!!
Speed Animation 181
I’ve been wanting to animate some more complex characters lately.  This is a character from work.  I had a lot of fun animating this test!  Might do something more complex in the future!! But i hope you all enjoy this one.  Sorry it wasn’t posted yesterday… just didn’t have enough time to finish it.  This test took me about an hour.
i was working on a speed animation today, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it.  I promise it’ll be a fun one and it’ll be posted tomorrow.  but here is an older one that i did that i have never posted on here.  I posted it on my blogger, but since i switched over to tumblr there are quite a few animations that you guys haven’t seen yet.  
Speed Animation 180
Tribute to the awesome man himself, Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock.’  I just thought that this would be a funny little gif.  i’m a huge fan of The Rock and I love what he does for people.  It’s been a good friday today as well.  Also, The Rock is cool because he’s wearing sunglasses.  This test took me about 30 minutes.