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Speed Animation 180
Tribute to the awesome man himself, Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock.’  I just thought that this would be a funny little gif.  i’m a huge fan of The Rock and I love what he does for people.  It’s been a good friday today as well.  Also, The Rock is cool because he’s wearing sunglasses.  This test took me about 30 minutes.
Speed Animation 179
So I was talking to a friend of mine and we came up with some more visual pun ideas.  Today is an attempt at time flies.  i thought that it would be more entertaining if he didn’t really fly too much but tried to fly and the wings just disappeared and made it more of a funny loop.  It was a bit challenging animating the little clock in kind of a straight on view.  but i learned a bit about wings and such.  I had fun.  this test took me bout 35 minutes.  
Speed Animation 178
started this yesterday, but it was at the end of work and i wasn’t able to finish.  i had a lot of fun animating this one, playing around with a different type of smear than i usually draw.  apples are good to eat.  very good for the health.  so eat your apples! This test took mea bout 35 minutes.  
Speed animation 177
So i did manage to post this one!! I’m so glad because in honor of Thursday, I animated Thor for ‘Thorsday.’  This one was a doozy!! It was actually a big pain because it wasn’t turning out how i wanted it and i was just trying to animate it as fast as i could to get it out today.  i did manage to have fun with it, but the process sometimes becomes monotonous…. but that’s the life of an animator haha.  this test took me about 45 minutes to an hour… i wasn’t really keeping track today.  Oh!! also, this was my first attempt at lightning.  kind of janky maybe, but i think it works for the shot.  Happy Thorsday people!
speed animation 176
so i didn’t get to finish this yesterday and i was going to post two gifs today… but i’m really not sure if i’m going to be able to finish my other animation due to a lot of work needing to get done today.  But this one is about my home state of California.  we are currently in a drought and i am pretty sure that a lot of people don’t care too much to conserve water…. it’s quite bothersome.  so while people have been doing the als ice bucket challenge, i’m thinking more about this.  I’ve donated, so i think people need to be more aware of where to donate.  
Donate here at www.alsa.org 
so save some water and just donate, unless you’re going to use the ocean water ;) 
anyhoooo… i’ll stop preaching now, and this test took me about 45 minutes

valiantllama said: SO GOOD, SOO GOOD!?!? *dies of not being able to breathe*

Hi valiantllama!! You’re comment made me laugh!! Thank you for checking out my work!!

Anonymous said: Hey! You're art is amazing, I'm just wondering when you started practicing art (I was always pretty good, but lately I felt I haven't been improving :/

Hi anonymous!! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been pretty busy lately so hopefully you get to read this whoever you are. But I’ve been drawing pretty much my whole life. Since I was a young kid. But I did have to relearn how to draw when I got to college. And for a while I felt like I wasn’t improving either. But you just have to keep at it and draw as much as you can. If you have time, try to study as well. Look at old masters and copy paintings or drawings as much as you can. But try to think about it in a technical way. Try to see what kind of strokes they made and learn their process. I’m always looking at other artists and I’d have to say that my style has evolved from learning and doing what felt good and natural to me. I hope this all helps! Keep working hard and stay humble because we are always learning new things.

Speed Animation 175
Today i wasn’t sure what to do so i thought that i’d do something a little more fun.  especially compared to yesterdays… it’s kind of based off of yesterdays i guess, I think that the sun has got your back if the rain clouds a ruining your day.  the sun is cool.  thats why he has sun glasses.  this took me about 35 minutes.
Speed Animation 174
I’m sure you guys have had rough days or even weeks or months.  Times where you are around all of your friends and even family, but you just feel alone.  It’s a really rough feeling and it’s hard to kick sometimes.  I’m kind of in that boat right now, but hopefully I can get out of the funk soon.  this test took me about 15 minutes.
Speed Animation 173
Been pretty stumped on what to animate lately… today was my first time doing 2 characters i think though.  well i kind of animated 2 characters… it took me a lot more time than i anticipated, but it was kind of fun.  I wish that i could have achieved better squash and stretch effects for both the butterfly character and the word bubble, but oh well.  I’ll have to try it again another day.  This took me about 45 minutes.